Deadlift Bar


Deadlift Bar

The deadlift bar, OB27PRO, has more whip allowing it to bend further before lifting the weight off the ground. This ensures that the users gain more speed early in the draw, allowing them to move heavier weights. The bar features snap clips that are used on the sleeves, and the bar has medium depth diamond knurling for a firm grasp for lifting heavy loads.


Deadlift Bar


  • Bar Type Man’s bar
  • Bar use: deadlifting
  • Bar Weight 20kg
  • Shaft Diameter 27mm
  • Knurl marks: 1.5mm
  • Knurl: Sharp
  • Knurl Type IPF-4
  • Center Knurl no
  • Whip Best
  • Bar Length 2330mm
  • Loadable Sleeve Length 425 mm
  • Shaft Coating Black Phosphate
  • Sleeve Coating Hard Chrome
  • Bushing/Bearing 4 Bronze Bushings
  • Tensile Strength 170,000 PSI
  • Max load 1000lbs/456kg

Quality Judgement Tips:

  • Check whether the basic parameters of the bar and the material used match the actual bar.
  • Check whether the finish treatment is of high quality and provides an attractive finish.
  • Sleeve fixation: Look for either snap ring or end cap systems to connect the barbell sleeve to the shaft. Avoid bars that use hex bolts, which are unreliable.
  • Rotate the sleeve and check whether the rotation is concentric. Rotate it by hand and observe the number of rotational turns; the more turns,  the more sophisticated the processing technology, and the more advanced the combination of shaft and sleeve.
  • Weight: The smaller the tolerance between the actual weight and the standard weight, the better. The weight tolerance of each part should be within the following range:


Barbell Manufacturing Process:



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