Aerobic Step


Aerobic Step

This aerobic stepper, AST110PP, increases the user’s strength and stability, especially when performing a cardiovascular workout. In addition, it can boost the intensity of their workout by adding this tool to their routine. Thus, it is excellent for gym activity classes or everyday regular workout routines. The platform also intensifies and diversifies the workout through a variety of slated positions.


Aerobic Step


  • Dimension: 110L*34W (cm)
  • Adjustable from 20cm and 35 cm for the height (2 Leveles )  Support blocks 5cm when placed in position
  • Material: PP
  • N.W. 12.5kg G.W. 13.5kg  Package: 112.5*34.7*21.2cm/1pc


  • Non-slip surface and non-skid floor pads on platform that supports up to 150kg.
  • Versatile, inclines and declines for muscle sculpting.
  • It can be adjusted freely, freely assembled, disassembled, easy to operate, and can be raised and lowered according to its own requirements.
  • Lightweight and easy to use, assemble or carry around for indoor and outdoor use.

Quality judgement tips:

  • Size: prefer commercial-grade full-sized steppers, about 43 x 16 inches. These can be used by both beginners and professionals.
  • Safety: rounded corners on a stepper are a good sign – they are safer in terms of avoiding injury.
  • Warranty: while usually there’s no warranty with an exercise stepper, it’s 1 to 6 months for the few that do have one.
  • Risers: consider altering the adjustments of the risers instead of simply piling them up to gain height.
  • Weight capacity: an average weight limit of 200 kg is common among good-quality steppers.
  • Manufacturing method: ask the supplier if the stepper you are considering was manufactured by injection molding or blow molding. Injection-molded ones are more durable, while blow-molded ones can be hollow, hence weaker.

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