Training Cones


Training Cones

Training Cones, DSC01, are made with flexible PE material that guarantees durability and long life. These cones feature flexibility. It will bounce back after getting stepped on, kicked, and run over season after season when used. These also come in a variety of bright colors to enhance visibility and focus during training.


Training Cones & Sports Cones & Agility Cones for Sale


  • Description: Soccer Fitness Training Sign Plate
  • Diameter: 2ins
  • Material: PE
  • Length: 44cm
  • Color: red ,green, blue, orange,yellow,
  • N.W.: 25g

Training Cones Basics

What are training cones? Training cones are also called football cones or soccer cones, which are exercise tools made of soft and flexible plastic. As the name suggests, the training cones are cone-shaped.

Training cones are essential equipment when it comes to practicing and training soccer, rugby, volleyball, cricket, baseball, and many other sports.  They are not only useful for sports teams but also fitness classes and individual use.

As one of the leading supplier of gym equipment located in China, Yanre Fitness produces high-quality sports training cones to enhance your training.

Benefits of Training Cones

  • Improves your agility
  • Improves your balance
  • Enables you to do more efficient exercises
  • Boosts your entire body health by burning calories and boosting metabolism

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Functions of Training Cones

Training cones are an important tool for both outdoor and indoor use and can be used for:

  • Speed training– Speed is an essential requirement in all sports, and athletes have no choice but to train hard for it. Flat training cones are a good aid to help athletes do speed drills.
  • Agility training– Training cones help athletes train to improve their ability to accelerate, decelerate, and change direction while having their bodies in control.
  • Marking goal posts– You can use training cones to mark goalposts if you are not training in a standard field with goalposts.
  • Marking sports field– Sometimes, you may need to train in an open field or a small field area with no standard marks. You can use training cones to make temporary marks.
  • Boundary markers– Sometimes, as a coach, you may need to divide your team members to form two teams, or you may be training a senior and junior team in the same field. Speed cones will help you put boundaries for each team.
  • Obstacles– Sports cones are also used to form temporary barriers to help players train on how to tackle opponents while controlling the ball.
  • Targets– A training cone can also be used as a target for players to train for accuracy.

Features of Training Cones

  • Bright and variety of colors– Our training cones come in a variety of bright colors, including red, green, blue, orange, and yellow, to enhance visibility and focus during training.
  • Stand holder– A stand holder is provided to store the cones.
  • Light weight– Each cone’s net weight is 25g.
  • Flexible PE material– The workout cones are built with flexible PE material that guarantees a long life.
  • Versatile– Our agility training cones can be used for different purposes and for different sports activities.

Training Cones Spec

Application: Outdoor and indoor

Material: PE

Color: Red, green, blue, orange, yellow

Net Weight: 25g

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