Bosu Ball


Bosu Ball

Yanre’s bosu ball creates stability that forces you to engage your core and use more muscle groups to maintain the correct shape and position of your body. This can lead you to better balance and to a greater challenge for your entire body. The elevated rings offer hands and feet grip and comfort.


Bosu Ball, Bosu Balance Trainer Wholesale

Where to buy the best bosu ball? Yanre Fitness offers you with high-quality & best affordable Bosu ball for your balance training. With it, you can do a variety of exercises that target your entire body.

Since 1997, Yanre Fitness has been a trusted manufacturer & suppplier of self-design and premium quality gym equipment for commercial use.

Bosu Ball Basics

What is a Bosu ball? A Bosu ball is also called half yoga ball, which is a fitness device made up of a hemispherical inflated rubber attached to a rigid platform. This device is used for balance training and a combination of other exercises.

How does it work? An exerciser can use a Bosu balance trainer with the dome side facing up or the platform side facing up, depending on the type of exercise they are doing. A Bosu balance ball provides an unstable surface on which a user can perform various exercises that engage a variety of muscles, which makes your workouts more challenging.

It is meant to increase difficulty to your workouts by decreasing stability, which forces the exerciser to increase the effort they put into balancing, therefore, increasing workout intensity.

Functions of Bosu Ball

The greatest benefit of using a Bosu ball is that it is versatile and supports almost all types of exercise.

At Yanre Fitness, we understand that balance and strength are important aspects of everyday life, and that’s why we have designed a perfect Bosu ball for your training.

If you are an athlete, a swimmer, an acrobat, or a manual worker involved in lifting heavy objects, you understand how important balance and strength are in your daily activities. Balance is also required in other daily life activities such as riding a bicycle or walking on a slippery floor.

  • Bosu Ball With Dome Side Up

When the ball is placed with the dome side up and the platform on the floor, it provides an unstable surface while itself remains stable. In this position, an exerciser can do a variety of balance and aerobic exercises, including single-leg hold, bird dog, V squat, side-to-side squat, among others.

  • Bosu Ball With Platform Up

When the platform faces up, the device becomes highly unstable. In this position, the device can also be used to perform a variety of other exercises, including Plank, mountain climber, push-ups, spiderman crunch, among others.

Features of Bosu Trainer

  • Anti-slip texture– It is made of material designed to be resistant to slipping. This allows enhanced grip and perfect body positioning hence guaranteeing safe training.
  • Extra thick base– Increases device stability.
  • Lightweight– It is light to carry around but strong enough to support a weight of up to 660 lbs.
  • Eco-friendly material– Made by eco-friendly material for a safer environment.

Bosu Ball Workout & Exercises

The greatest benefit of using a Bosu ball is that it is versatile and supports almost all types of exercise. There are numerous workouts that you can perform with it. Below are a few of them.

  • Single-Leg Hold

If you are using a Bosu fitness ball for your first time, this is the exercise you should start with. The exercise is important to help you to master balance as a beginner.

  1. With the dome side up, place one foot on the middle of the ball.
  2. Step up onto it with the other leg lifted up and slightly bent at the knee.
  3. Try to maintain your balance for about 30 seconds without the other leg touching the ball or ground.
  4. Use the other leg to do the same. Keep alternating to your desired repetitions.
  • V-Squat
  1. With the dome side up, stand on the Bosu ball with both feet apart, slightly wider than hip-width. Your toes should be pointing out. Your feet should be firmly planted on the ball.
  2. Squat down by bending your knees and pushing your hip back. You can choose to extend your arms in front of you or hold them together near your chest.
  3. Return to the starting position by pushing through your heels.
  4. Repeat the squats to your desired repetition.
  • Side-to-side squat

The exercise involves stepping off to the side of the Bosu ball and doing squats with one foot on the ball and the other on the ground.

  1. Stand with your right side beside the ball. Step your right foot onto the middle of the ball.
  2. Squat down and as you ascend from the squat position, jump your right leg to the opposite side of the ball and your left leg onto the middle of the ball, squatting down again.
  3. Rise and jump back to the other side. Your right foot should now step on the middle of the ball and the left leg on the other side of the ball.
  • Push-ups
  1. Place the Bosu ball with the platform facing up and hold on to the edges of the platform.
  2. Stretch your body to assume a high plank position.
  3. Perform a push-up while keeping your back straight.
  • Burpee
  1. Place your Bosu ball with the platform facing up and place your hands on the edge of the platform.
  2. Assume a high plank position with your legs slightly wider than the hip width.
  3. Jump your feet towards the ball and as soon as they land, lift the ball up as you stand up.
  4. Make sure you fully extend your arms until the ball is over your head.
  5. Lower the ball back to the ground and extend your legs back to the starting position (High plank position).

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