Wholesale Yoga Bolster – Definitive FAQ Guide

Yoga bolsters offer great exercise results. They offer added comfort and superb support, during any yoga workout. 

Are you looking for the newest designs and best quality wholesale yoga bolsters for your yoga studio or gym? Look no further!

Below we dive into everything you need to know about buying yoga bolsters in bulk.

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What is a yoga bolster?

A yoga bolster is a uniquely designed, firm pillow used to provide comfort and support during a yoga workout.

Bolsters are extremely popular tools to use during stretches and deep breathing exercises. 

It helps to maintain proper posture, especially during times of low flexibility or injury. 

Good quality yoga bolsters can add great comfort and form to any workout in your yoga studio or gym.

With a great variety of sizes, shapes, and colors available in bulk, you can be sure to find the perfect yoga bolsters to fit your needs, at Yanre Fitness.

Wholesale Yoga Bolster 1

Figure 1: Yoga Bolster

What is the function of a yoga bolster?

Yoga bolsters are mainly used to increase relaxation and comfort during a yoga workout. 

  • Suitable for restorative and relaxation yoga classes.
  • Great for use during pregnancy yoga workouts.
  • Releases tight, tired muscles.
  • Uniquely designed to offer bodily support where and when needed.
Wholesale Yoga Bolster 2

Figure 2: Yoga bolster used during pregnancy yoga

What is the difference between a yoga bolster and a yoga block?

Yoga bolsters are pillow-like accessories. They mainly add support and comfort during yoga workouts. Yoga blocks are hardwood or plastic blocks, designed to bring the floor closer to you. 

Yoga Bolster

  • Rectangular, round or square shape
  • Soft, firm pillow
  • Filled with cotton,or buckwheat 
  • Molds to your body shape
  • Cotton, nylon, or polyester zipper case
  • Strong carry handle
  • Easy to clean
  • Can we washed in the washing machine
  • Can be tumble dried
Wholesale Yoga Bolster 3

Figure 3: Various Yoga Bolsters

Yoga Block

  • Rectangular shaped
  • Firm and hard
  • Made from wood, cork, hard foam, or plastic
  • Cannot be bent or molded
  • Has no soft cover
  • No carry handle
  • Cleans by wiping with a damp cloth
  • Dries quickly
  • Cannot be machine washed
Wholesale Yoga Bolster 4

Figure 4: Yoga blocks

What is the material of a yoga bolster?

Yoga bolsters are stuffed with cotton, hollow polyester fiber, flaxseed, or buckwheat. The bolster zipper covers come in a variety of smooth soft finishes, from cotton to microfiber and even silk. 

Cotton stuffed yoga bolster 

Stuffed with 100% pure organic cotton, these yoga bolsters are firm enough to provide ample support in any yoga posture. 

A favorite accessory under many yogi’s as it is great for meditation and any style of yoga. This bolster keeps its firm shape no matter what sort of pose the support is needed for.

Wholesale Yoga Bolster 5

Figure 5: Cotton Stuffed Yoga Bolsters

Fiber-filled yoga bolster 

These yoga bolsters are stuffed with uniquely engineered hollow polyester fiber. They are comfortable, exceptionally light, and soft.

These yoga bolsters are not as firm as the cotton stuffed yoga bolsters. But they remain a great accessory especially during breathing or relaxation exercises.

Wholesale Yoga Bolster 6

Figure 6: Fiber Filled Yoga Bolsters

Buckwheat or Flaxseed stuffed yoga bolster 

Stuffed with granules of buckwheat, these yoga bolsters are durable and molds to your body to provide great support in any workout or pose.

These yoga bolsters are a great choice to add to your studio or gym especially if you are looking for a more natural alternative as opposed to synthetic fillings like fiber.

Wholesale Yoga Bolster 7

Figure 7: Buckwheat Yoga Bolsters

What are the types of yoga bolsters? 

There are four main types of yoga bolsters: Round, rectangular, pranayama and meditation.

Round yoga bolster

Round bolsters are cylindrical shaped and very firm.

They are mostly used to support the body during poses where the body needs to bend, like back bends or side bends.

These bolsters are popular support accessories during seated poses if placed under your knees. They also aid in tension release during many yoga stretches or workouts.

Round yoga bolsters typically come in two sizes: regular and small.  The regular sized bolster is a great choice for a commercial gym or studio. Small bolsters are more suitable for petite adults or children.

Wholesale Yoga Bolster 8

Figure 8: Round Yoga Bolsters

Rectangular yoga bolster

Rectangular yoga bolsters are flatter than round yoga bolsters.

They are the choice option to use during restorative poses. The flat rectangular shape offers  great stability and support.

They are also available in two sizes: Regular and small, with the small bolster just a few inches shorter than the regular one.

Wholesale Yoga Bolster 9

Figure 9: Rectangular Yoga Bolsters

Pranayama yoga bolster

Pranayama yoga bolsters look like the slender version of the rectangular yoga bolster. But they are longer and thinner.

These bolsters are used during pranayama practice to open up and stretch the spine when in a reclining position. 

Pranayama bolsters are soft but firm and provide fantastic lower and upper spine as well as neck support.

Wholesale Yoga Bolster 10

Figure 10: Pranayama Yoga Bolsters

Meditation yoga bolster

Meditation yoga bolsters are round in shape and are typically firmer and more stuffed than other yoga bolsters.

These yoga bolsters are uniquely designed to provide holistic support to the entire body especially when used during seated meditation poses. 

Meditation yoga bolsters should provide firm support to feet, ankles, and legs during poses like the hero, or lotus pose.

Wholesale Yoga Bolster 11

Figure 11: Meditation Yoga Bolsters

Different types of bolsters are advised for different poses and workouts. Yanre Fitness can assist you with the best quality bulk yoga bolsters for your studio or gym. Speak to us now!

What is the size of a yoga bolster? 

Yoga Bolsters typically come in two sizes: regular and small.

Round yoga bolsters

  • Regular: 65cm length x 23cm diameter
  • Small: 50cm length x 14.5 diameter

Rectangular yoga bolsters

  • Regular: 67cm length x 30.5cm width x 15cm height
  • Small: 63cm length x 30cm width x 15cm height

Meditation yoga bolsters and Pranayama yoga bolsters only have one standard size.

Wholesale Yoga Bolster 12

Figure 12: Different Sizes of Yoga Bolsters

What is the weight of a yoga bolster?

Most yoga bolsters weigh between 1.8 kg and 4.5 kg depending on the size and type of yoga bolster.

Yoga bolsters stuffed with hollow fiber are lighter in weight than yoga bolsters stuffed with flaxseed or buckwheat. 

Do all yoga bolsters come in a zipper case?

Yes, all yoga bolsters have a removable zipper case for easy cleaning.

Yoga bolsters zipper cases are made from beautiful, durable ethnic materials like cotton, microfiber and even silk. 

Wholesale Yoga Bolster 13

Figure 13: Yoga Bolster Removable Zipper Case

How to choose the perfect yoga bolster? 

There are four things you should pay attention to when buying the perfect yoga bolsters for your studio or gym: type, size, weight-filling, and lastly zipper case material.

Type of yoga bolster

Yoga bolsters come in four different types: Round, Rectangular, lean Pranayama and Meditation.

The type of yoga bolster you choose will depend on the type of yoga that will be practiced. 

First, identify if the yoga bolster will be used during meditation or restorative yoga. Then chose the yoga bolster that is best suited for the type of workout.

Size of yoga bolster

When it comes to bolsters, size matters. 

Some bolsters are much larger and bulkier than others. Bolsters that are too small or too large can cause discomfort and injuries.

Have a look at the different dimensions and lengths of bolsters available from Yanre Fitness. Let us find the perfect fit of bulk yoga bolsters for your commercial gym or studio.

Weight-filling of a yoga bolster

Yoga bolsters vary in weight. This greatly depends on the type of filling your yoga bolsters have. 

Weight is important considering the lifting and moving around of a yoga bolster during poses.

Buckwheat and Flaxseed yoga bolsters are generally heavier than 100% organic cotton or fiber-filled yoga bolsters.

Also keep in mind that heavier yoga bolsters are generally more durable and longer lasting.

Yoga bolsters and a great accessory to add to your yoga studio or gym. 

Zipper case material

Lastly, choose the material you want for your yoga bolster zipper case.

For a commercial gym or yoga studio, it is advisable to choose a durable zipper case material that is easy to clean but still has a soft feel, like a microfiber.

For those seeking a greener, eco-friendlier option, try the 100% pure cotton or hemp zipper cases that are available in a variety of great colors and patterns.

How much weight can a yoga bolster take?

Most yoga bolsters can handle weights of up to 120 kg.

All yoga bolsters are designed to handle the maximum support of weight. 

How to clean a yoga bolster?

Cleaning a yoga bolster has never been easier. Yoga bolster zipper cases can be removed for a quick and easy machine wash.

What you need to know before buying yoga bolsters in bulk?

A great quality yoga bolster can transform your yoga studio or commercial gym and it can be used in most yoga styles. 

But what separates a standard yoga bolster from a great yoga bolster?

Three things: Firmness, durability, and quality manufacturing materials.


A great quality yoga bolster will not sag and will not bend easily, no matter how many times it is utilized.

A yoga bolster that can keep its shape and support over the years is an excellent investment for your yoga studio or gym.


Whether your bolster is being used in a commercial gym or yoga studio, you would need yoga bolsters that can offer great support for years on end.

Invest in bulk yoga bolsters that are sturdy, yet soft and solid. 

It is advisable to look for yoga bolsters that are stuffed with 100% pure organic cotton or buckwheat for excellent durability.

Washable materials 

A removable, great quality washable cover is essential for a yoga bolster, especially if used regularly in a yoga studio or gym.

Yoga bolster, like yoga towels or yoga blankets are often used on the floor and against people’s skin. It needs to be washed and sanitized often. 

Invest in a bolster that is manufactured from great quality materials that can be washed and cleaned often without wearing or tearing.

Lastly, investing in a yoga bolster you love for your gym or yoga studio, is a great way to spread enthusiasm for the product with your users. If you love it, your users will too! 

Can I customize bulk yoga bolsters?

Yes, Yanre Fitness can customize your yoga bolsters in color and size, when ordered in bulk.

If there is a specific color or length request to match your studio logo or gym colors, speak to us now

If the color is not a standard one, specified colors can be arranged.

What is the wholesale price of yoga bolsters?

Standard, entry level yoga bolsters can be bought in bulk from as little as $29 per piece.

For the more premium quality yoga bolsters, be prepared to invest between $53 – $280 per yoga bolster.

Yanre fitness proudly manufactures a great variety, good quality, durable yoga bolsters at the best wholesale prices for your commercial gym or yoga studio. Contact us now!

Final Words

No matter what kind of wholesale yoga bolster you need for your gym or yoga studio, you are sure to find it at Yanre Fitness. 

With us, you can be sure of the best quality yoga accessories at the most affordable prices.

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