Elliptical Machine


Elliptical Machine

Elliptical Machine, Y5200L, provides an upper and lower body workout, where handlebars keep the arms engaged while the legs propel. It is versatile and excellent equipment for users of any skill level, from beginner to professional. Also, the ergonomic crank allows users to easily and safely adjust the resistance level while still doing the activity.


Elliptical Machine, Cross Trainer, X Trainer for Sale

Are you looking for an elliptical machine? At Yanre Fitness, our factory has been manufacturing and supplying commercial-quality elliptical machines to thousands of customers across the globe.

Our elliptical machines are widely used in gyms, training centers, and home due to the superior features.

Elliptical Machine Basics

What is an elliptical machine? An elliptical machine, is also known as a cross trainer, or an X trainer, which is a stationary exercise equipment used to work both the lower and upper body by stair climbing, walking, or running on it.

An elliptical is a good exercise equipment for low-impact workouts for exercising your lower and upper body and burning calories for weight loss. Elliptical machines are friendly to the user’s joints, unlike other forms of exercising, like running and jogging, that may put pressure on the joints.

Benefits of Elliptical Machine

  • Works the whole body

What does an elliptical do? An elliptical trainer works the whole body. To work the upper body, an exercise holds onto the handles, pushing and pulling as they move the pedals with the feet. This pushing and pulling works the biceps, triceps, shoulders, and chest. As the feet move the pedals, lower body muscles, including glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, are exercised.

  • Impact free

One great benefit of elliptical bike is that they are impact-free. Using an elliptical feels like walking in midair because the feet never leave the pedals. There is very little pressure applied to the knees, hips, and lower back. This is a good feature for exercisers who experience joint and back problems during or after exercising.

  • Mimics natural motion of walking

The movement assumed by an elliptical cross trainer mimics the natural movement of the ankles, knees, and the hip joints when taking a walk, jogging, or running. An exerciser, therefore, can enjoy a smooth workout equivalent to walking, jogging, or running.

  • Suitable for burning calories

Is burning fat part of your individual or team goal? If yes, then a cross trainer is one of the equipment you need to help you achieve that. Elliptical machines offer a good way to burn fat by doing cardiovascular workouts.

Features of Yanre Elliptical Machine

  • Adjustable resistance

Has a broad range of resistance that enables incorporating interval training, as well as training for strength and endurance.

  • Pre-set and custom programs

It comes with multiple display 12 program profiles and a 4 user’s memory to help users keep a program that suits their specific needs.

  • Easy-to-read LCD display

This electronic feature allows exercisers to monitor their speed, distance covered, calories burned, time, and more.

  • Heart-rate monitor

Fitted with hand pulse system to monitor your heart rate.

  • Smooth motion

Yanre elliptical machine provides a true elliptical movement pattern that simulates natural walking or running.

  • Quiet

Yanre gym elliptical is designed to operate smoothly and quietly at all intensity levels.



How to Use a Cross Trainer?

  • Foot positioning

Keep your feet flat on the pedals but focus your weight on your heels to increase stamina and work your muscles harder. Shifting your weight onto your toes may reduce blood flow and cause numbness.

  • Hand positioning

Hold the handles in an easy grip and relaxed arms. Do not lean on the handles at any time.

  • Proper posture

Keep your back straight, shoulders back, and head up. Never assume a hunching or arching posture when doing exercises.

  • Foot motion

As you exercise, your feet should move in a rolling motion, like if you are walking. Start with your heels, roll down to the middle foot, and then with the ball of your feet and toes.

EMS Elliptical Trainer Spec

  • With backlight computer ”SR8260” LED
  • Multiple Display for 12 Program Profiles + 4 user’s memory,” Speed” ,“Rpm”, “Time”, “Distance”, “Watt”, “Calories”, “Pulse” with “Watt Control”, “heart Rate Control” and special “Recovery” function
  • EMS bike with self- generating power system
  • With High Power Magnet and Flywheel to get sufficient tension torque and consistent resistance
  • With 16-step tension control system
  • With Hand-Pulse System for Heart Rate Display
  • Container loading: 16 pcs / 20’ FCL, 34 pcs / 40’ FCL, 51 pcs / 40’ HQ
  • Carton Size: 2260*670*880 mm
  • Set up size: 2190*690*1880 mm
  • Net Weight: 114 KGS, Gross Weight: 144 KGS
  • Max user weight: 150 kg
  • Certificate: GS

Pro Tips During Workout

  • Avoid doing the same workout every day for too long. Change your routine as you progress.
  • Pay attention to the monitor metrics.
  • Set a goal before starting your day’s workout
  • Avoid distractions and stay focused on your workout.

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