Air Bike


Air Bike

Air Bike YAB200 features a premium quality frame that combines design and performance. It is also constructed with ergonomic design for smooth and comfortable workouts. This air bike strengthens the lower body while the arms feature increases upper body endurance while cycling.


Air Bike, Fan Bike for Sale at a Wholesale Price

If you are looking for air bikes for a gym, training center or home use, Yanre has the best that you can find in the market.

Our air bikes are ergonomically designed by our team of fitness engineers to provide maximum efficiency.

So you want to work your full body and have no limit to how far you can go? Yanre Fitness got the right equipment for you. Our air bike is the perfect exercise device you need to work your full body and push yourself to unimaginable limits.

Yanre Fitness is a reputable manufacturer and wholesaler of premium-quality air bikes in China.

Air Bike Basics

  • What is an Air Bike?

An air bike, also called a fan bike, is a type of stationary exercise bike with independent handlebars that move forward and backward to exercise the upper body and pedals to exercise the lower body. The bike uses a large fan driven by the speed and power of the pedals and handlebars to create resistance.

  • What is an Air Bike Made For?

An air bike is an incredible workout equipment that can help exercisers do interval training, burn calories and rehabilitate injuries.

  • Muscles Targeted by Air Bike Workouts

Use an stationary air bike to tone your hamstrings, quads, calves, arms, back, abs, oblique, shoulders, and heart.



Functions of an Air Bike

  • Full-body workout– An air bike works all major muscle groups, including quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, arm muscles, back muscles, shoulder muscles and the heart.
  • Low-impact workout– Exercising with an air bike sustains your joint health because the bike does not put pressure on your joints, unlike jogging or running.
  • Infinite intensity and resistance– Resistance increases as you step faster on the pedal. Its unlimited air resistance system enables exercisers to adjust the intensity to the level they want.
  • Burning fat– If one of your clients’ goals is to lose weight, an air bike will enable them to do cardio exercises to achieve that. The bike burns more calories compared to exercising with other bikes.
  • Boosts cardio health– Air bike cardiovascular workouts promote heart health and can help reduce the risks of heart disease. Use it for cardiovascular endurance and interval training.

Product Features

  • Digital monitor screen– Our fan bike has a computer with a digital screen that tracks a user’s performance. Your clients can access metrics, including time, speed, calories burned, distance, among others.
  • Wind resistance control system– The bike uses a wind resistance control system with adjustable air volume. It uses air resistance that responds to how hard an exerciser works. The harder an exerciser pedals, the greater the resistance.
  • Maximum user weight of 150 kgs– The bike can support users of up to 150 Kgs, making it possible to be used by exercisers of almost any weight.
  • Adjustable seat– The height of the seat can be easily adjusted to suit users of different heights.
  • Ergonomic design– Our bike is ergonomically designed to enable smooth workouts. The bike has adjustable and comfortable handlebars and a seat that prevents experiencing back stiffness and strains.

Air Resistance Bike Spec:

  • With regular two LCD with backlight computer ” ST8225-64” -, computer Optional.   Multiple Display “Speed” ,“Rpm”, “Time”, “Distance” “Recovery” function
  • Chain structure
  • Wind resistance control system, The air volume can be adjusted. W/0 transformer
  • Fan Dimensions: 26 inch
  • The resistances depend on the speed of the stampedes.
  • Container loading: 68 pcs / 20’ FCL, 146pcs / 40’ FCL, 164 pcs / 40’ HQ
  • Carton Size : 1300*305*1450mm mm
  • Set up size : 1300*610*1200mm
  • Net Weight: 50 KGS, Gross Weight: 56 KGS
  • Max user weight: 150 kgs

Why Buy From Yanre Fitness?

  • High-quality, durable materials– Our air resistance bikes are made of high-quality, durable materials with high resistance to wear and tear.
  • Unlimited possibilities– The fan exercise bike offers a personalized touch by adjusting the resistance to a user’s ability, therefore, giving them the possibility to train as hard as they want.
  • Easy-to-use– Our bike can be used by exercisers of all abilities, including beginners, seasoned fitness enthusiasts, as well as people of all body types and any sports.
  • State-of-the-art technology– In addition to a smooth workout, users can also enjoy real-time feedback about the science behind it, which is enabled by the easy-to-use digital computer with LCD display.

Tips to Getting the Most out of an Air Bike

  • Adjust the seat height- Before you start your workouts, ensure the Functional Training air bike fits you well by adjusting the seat height such that your leg can fully extend directly underneath your hip while your foot remains comfortably placed on the pedal.
  • Keep your body in line– Do not sway from side to side as it consumes more of your energy. Keep all your body parts moving forward.
  • Stay upright– You may lean slightly forward to get to the correct position but do not overdo it. The correct position should enable you to have a nice and long pull and push with each hand.
  • Relax your upper bodyas you do your exercises.
  • Always keep your shoulders down, away from your ears.

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