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Commercial Elliptical – Definitive FAQ Guide

Commercial elliptical machines are very popular among fitness equipment worldwide. To offer flexible workout sessions, all gyms must own at least a few pieces for their trainees.

Elliptical trainers have different functions, so you might have questions about them. To help you choose the right type of gym-quality elliptical for your fitness center, we have prepared the following FAQ guide.

Let’s begin.

Table of Contents

1. What are the benefits of a commercial elliptical machine?

Commercial ellipticals provide training that combines stair climbing, skiing, and running.  The low-impact medium of it keeps your trainee healthy. Some of the most common benefits of elliptical training are:

1.1 Low-impact Training for Both Upper and Lower Body

The health of the athletes is protected by the usage of trainers that are easy on joints. Training is beneficial for the legs, shoulders, and back. 

1.2 Tone Up Muscles

Commercial elliptical machines work out the muscle groups of the body. Pedaling movements and movable handlebars exercises strengthen the muscles involved. 

1.3 Improves Heart Health

Exercising with an elliptical will fully engage the heart. Trainees increase their heart rates, improve respiratory and oxygenate the cardiovascular systems.

1.4 Losing Weight

By using ellipticals, trainees ensure an efficient calorie and fat burn. 

Commercial Elliptical 10

Figure 1 Benefits of elliptical machine 

2. What are the different types of a commercial elliptical machine?

Elliptical trainers come in a wide variety of sizes, with many features to choose from. They have many functions available and different drive systems. Due to this, ellipticals are versatile, practical, and accessible trainers.

For an easy understanding, we have divided the ellipticals by function and by flywheel design.

2.1 Elliptical by Function

Standard Commercial Elliptical

This is the most popular type of elliptical. It features foot pedals and a stationary handlebar to hold onto. The focus is, thus, on the lower part of the body, such as quads, glutes, and hamstrings. The motion is circular.  

Commercial Elliptical 11

Figure 2 Standard elliptical

Elliptical Cross-trainers 

The elliptical cross-trainer is a complex workout machine dedicated to a full-body workout. The handles are moveable and the athletes can work arms too. By pulling and pushing the handles, the trainee targets elbows, shoulders, back, and chest.

Commercial Elliptical 12

Figure 3 Cross-trainer

Elliptical Glider 

The elliptical glider is like the standard elliptical. But the pedals do not rotate in a circular motion.The pedals of the glider move up and down in a backward movement. If the athlete wants more resistance, he has the option to move forward. The focus is on the lower part of the body, particularly the legs. 

Commercial Elliptical 13

Figure 4 Elliptical glider

Recumbent Elliptical

This elliptical is conceived for athletes who want to sit down as they work out. This type has handles on each side that can be moved forward and back. The recumbent elliptical has many comfortable adjustment features. Due to this, it is ideal for athletes with limited mobility.  

Commercial Elliptical 14

Figure 5 Recumbent elliptical

2.2 Elliptical by Flywheel Design

Center Drive Elliptical 

These ellipticals are relatively new on the market and are good for space-saving. Smaller gyms can benefit from this compact model, but still, work out the entire body muscles. It has moveable handles that simulate walking or jogging.   

Commercial Elliptical 15

 Figure 6 Center drive elliptical

Front-drive Elliptical 

The flywheel location is in front of the elliptical machine. This trainer offers vertical range in motion and simulates stair climbing. It is also named shuffle trainer. The front drive elliptical is great for athletes that want to train closer to the ground.

Commercial Elliptical 16

Figure 7 Front drive elliptical

Rear-drive Elliptical 

The rear-drive elliptical machine is the oldest model on the market, patented in the ‘90s. Because the flywheel is in the back, this trainer allows a longer stride. The location of the pedals is in the center. 

Commercial Elliptical 17

Figure 8 Back drive elliptical

Every type of elliptical is equally performative and safe. It is a matter of taste which to use for training. Gym owners must offer alternatives to their trainee. Thus, having more than one type of elliptical is essential for a versatile workout.

3. What is the size of a commercial elliptical?

The average size of the elliptical is about 140 cm in length x 70 cm wide x 160 cm high. This size is suitable for many gyms and fitness centers. 

If your gym space is limited, you can choose a compact model, such as the center drive elliptical. 

Commercial Elliptical 18

Figure 9 The size of elliptical

4. What is the user’s maximum weight for a commercial elliptical?

The maximum user weight for an elliptical is about 110 kg. 

5. What is the stride length of a commercial elliptical?

Commercial ellipticals have different stride lengths. While some machines offer a 35 cm (14 inches) stride length, others provide a longer stride. 

The stride length is the maximum distance each pedal can move back and forward. High-end commercial grade ellipticals have a stride of 50 cm (20 inches). On other elliptical models the stride is adjustable.

The adjustable stride is ideal for gym owners which have many categories of athletes. While shorter trainees require shorter stride lengths, for taller people the stride must be accordingly adjusted. 

Commercial Elliptical 19

Figure 10 Stride length

6. What are the advantages of adjustable resistance to an elliptical trainer?

Because ellipticals are very popular at the gym, this equipment is used by all categories of trainees. Ellipticals with adjustable resistance will help the athletes:

  • Keep track of their progress
  • Grow gradually in strength and endurance
  • Keep their joints healthy

The resistance can be adjusted manually or automatically. Both beginner and advanced athletes will enjoy this feature. It makes your ellipticals more accessible and practical. 

Commercial Elliptical 20

Figure 11 Adjustable resistance feature

7. Are the ramps of an elliptical machine adjustable?

Yes. The adjustable incline is a feature that offers your athletes more intensity to their routine. This varies the focus on muscle groups and refreshes the workout. 

High-quality ellipticals provide even automatic adjustments, which are very handy and convenient. Other models have manual settings of the ramps. 

However, as not all ellipticals provide it, be sure to check first with your supplier. For convenient workout sessions, ask about the possibility to add this feature to your ellipticals.  

Commercial Elliptical 21

Figure 12 Elliptical ramps 

8. Is there a difference between the rear and the front-drive ellipticals?

Yes. The main difference between the two trainers is how the motion feels. While rear-drive ellipticals feel like running, front-drive ellipticals feel like climbing. 

Ellipticals with front flywheel offer more slope to the exercise. This makes the training feel like climbing. More strength and resistance are offered. 

Rear-drive trainers have less slope, so it feels more like exercising on a flat running plane. 

Both front and rear provide healthy, natural, and effective training of the body. Which machine the user chooses, is a matter of personal preferences. 

Commercial Elliptical 22

Figure 13 Front drive vs rear-drive elliptical 

9. What is the difference between a recumbent elliptical and a recumbent exercise bike?

The main difference between the two is the pedaling motion and the seating position. While a recumbent elliptical has longer pedaling movement, a recumbent exercise bike offers shorter motions.

Both elliptical and recumbent bikes offer cyclic motion. In this motion, trainees use mostly the lower part of the body. This similarity can cause confusion in which machine to choose. But the main difference is the way the pedal is used and how the user is performing it. 

The recumbent elliptical has a convenient shape with several functions. This type of machine is suitable for healthier training sessions. The pedaling motion is longer in elliptic circles, causing less stress on joints. During training, the user is standing in a natural position.

The recumbent exercise bike is similar to cycling even for the training position. Athletes ride it in a reclined position. This provides shorter movements and less strain. The exercises are strong and require more physical effort. 

Commercial Elliptical 23

Figure 14 Recumbent elliptical and recumbent bike 

10. What is the difference between an elliptical and a treadmill?

The main difference is the structure of the device and the impact on the joints. While elliptical is stress-free on knee articulations, a treadmill is good for strong and sustained physical effort.

The treadmill and elliptical both simulate natural walking and running. It makes them great for cardio fitness. This is why sometimes it is difficult to choose between the two. 

Ellipticals provide pedals that move in ellipses and are easy on the joints. Elliptical machines are a safer option for athletes with a poor physical condition or who suffer from low-back pain, hip pain, or arthritis. 

Treadmills have a moving belt for exercises, where athletes can train. But jogging on a treadmill can put a lot of stress on the bones, knees, and joints. Ultimately, treadmills can provoke common injuries, such as shin splints, knee injuries, or stress fractures. 

Commercial Elliptical 24

Figure 15 Ellipticals vs treadmills 

11. Are elliptical machines going both forward and backward?

Yes. Although it is not a standard function, pedaling both forward and in reverse is available at high-end ellipticals. These motions offer variety in training. Athletes also strengthen other muscle groups such as calves and hamstrings. 

To reduce boredom and to provide new challenges to your athletes, Yanre Fitness supplies complex elliptical machines. Their superior functions with forward and reverse exercise possibilities ensure a versatile and intense workout session. 

Commercial Elliptical 25

Figure 16 Forward and reverse motion of ellipticals

12. What electronic features have a commercial elliptical?

Electronic features are important to motivate athletes during training by seeing the progress. 

The spectrum of features is wide:

  • Burnt calories
  • Heart rate interactivity 
  • Pre-set and custom workout programs 
  • Intuitive use  
  • Distance and time  
  • Speed
Commercial Elliptical 26

Figure 17 The electronic features of commercial ellipticals 

13. Is the commercial elliptical equipped with a monitor pin lock?

No. Monitor pin lock is normally a bonus feature. This means it may not be available for all elliptical models.

However, high-quality ellipticals include monitor pin locks as a built-in feature. The pin locks obstruct the pedals to move or lock up the screen with your work progress. 

Commercial Elliptical 27

Figure 18 Top level elliptical monitor 

14. Can malfunction occur to elliptical machine displays?

Yes. Even though in most cases we speak about simple issues, malfunction can happen.

Often, batteries need to be replaced. When they are almost finished, low batteries will make your display flicker. 

If the flicker continues after changing the batteries, there may be another problem. In this case it is better to call a specialist. 

15. How many amperes does an elliptical machine require?

For optimal performance, a commercial-grade elliptical requires a 15 amps circuit. 

16. Why should I buy a commercial elliptical that offers warm-up and cool-down periods?

Gym owners are interested that their ellipticals provide a safe and effective workout. Programs designed for warming the body before workout offer a good start to the routine. Rest periods are essential to healthy exercise. Workout without these key moments may injure your athletes.

Yanre Fitness provides premium quality commercial ellipticals equipped with superior pre-set programs for athletes. Our warm-up and cool-down plans are designed in a simple and effective way. 

The pre-set program avoids starting training too fast. Also not offering enough time for the body to recover. 

17. What to look for when buying commercial elliptical machines?

When buying this gym equipment, the must-haves of a commercial elliptical are:

  • Smooth elliptical motion
  • Natural movement
  • Adjustable incline
  • Upper body workout element
  • Adjustable resistance
  • Forward and reverse motions
  • Quiet operation
  • Electronic features

It is not easy to find a quality elliptical machine that can withstand the intense use of variates athletes. Yanre Fitness is here to help you make the right decisions. Contact our support team right now. 

18. Is a commercial elliptical easy to move?

Yes. The average weight of ellipticals is about 40 kg. But most commercial grade trainers already come with transport wheels included. 

The wheels are built in the front legs. Thus, you can easily move it across the gym, as you may need. 

Commercial Elliptical 28

Figure 19 Moving the elliptical 

19. Is a commercial elliptical machine noisy?

Yes. Some ellipticals can be quite loud. This factor can disturb other athletes’ training routines at the gym. 

To eliminate this problem, you can choose one type of silent drive ellipticals. The eddy-current resistance system elliptical is smooth and silent. Its system is powered by magnets. However, keep in mind that it will cost you more than standard ellipticals.  

20. Can the elliptical machine produce any damage to the gym floor? 

Yes. During the workout, the trainer can slip and scratch the floor. To avoid any damage to your gym floor, it is best to use a durable mat under the elliptical.

The mat will protect the floor, reduce noise and improve overall stability.

Commercial Elliptical 29

Figure 20 Floor protection mat 

21. Where to place the elliptical machine?

The location of the elliptical in the gym is important for proper and prolonged use. 

When you choose the placement of the elliptical, keep in mind: 

  • always choose a level surface
  • leave 6 feet of clearance behind the elliptical, 3 feet on each side, and 1 foot in front of the machine, for the power cord. 
  • never place the elliptical in front of any vents, air openings, or near the water

For a relaxing use, many athletes prefer to train in front of big windows, to enjoy the view. 

Commercial Elliptical 30
How to Use an Elliptical Machine Correctly

Figure 21 Placing the elliptical

22. Is it possible to customize elliptical machines?

Yes. Ellipticals and any other gym equipment can be personalized to better fit the gym. Custom-made trainers also create a good impression on your clients. 

Yanre Fitness is an expert in custom-made ellipticals and we can apply your logo in key spots of the device. Efficient and high-standard manufacturer, Yanre Fitness is your business partner.  

23. Final Words

I hope the above guide has answered most of your important questions about commercial elliptical machines. 

If anything remains questionable, contact Yanre Fitness support team right now.

Do you want to import wholesale commercial ellipticals? Leave us a message and we will get back to you with a quick quote!