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Porsche 911 Carrera DME Chip Upgrade

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Performance DME chip upgrade improves horsepower, torque, and driving characteristics by reprogramming various sensor inputs, air/fuel ratios, and boost pressure (if applicable).                                                 

Not just another one size fits all' performance chip. Hundreds of hours of code revisions and road and dyno testing on over a hundred Carrera 3.2s have unleashed new pockets of performance previously undiscovered - performance unavailable from anywhere else. No one else has even come close to the amount of research performed on chipping the 3.2 engine. Guaranteed to outperform, all chips have a 100% satisfaction guarantee. With a wide matrix of chip programs available to suit a variety of engine performance modifications and owner preferences, the most popular are listed below. This ensures the optimum setup for each particular car.

Programs are available for both the catalyst spec U.S. motors, and the Euro/ROW spec cars. All programming for US version cars by default is for 91 or higher octane fuel. If programming for 93 octane fuel is preferred, please note your octane preferences. For Euro/ROW spec cars, default chip programming is for 95 RON octane fuel. If programming for 98 RON fuel is preferred, please note your octane preference.            

The following runs are from an '87 Carrera 3.2 performed on a Dynojet 248c. The motor is a completely stock U.S. spec 3.2 with the exception of a euro pre-muffler. The red curves are the car initially dynoed on the stock chip, showing a maximum of 188.6 SAE rear wheel hp (rwhp) at 6000 rpm and 174.9 ft-lbs torque. Calculating for a 15% transmission loss (rwhp/0.85) the motor produces 221.8 HP at the engine. Subtracting for the approximate 6-7 hp gain of the pre-muffler, that comes close to the factory 214 SAE (217 DIN) hp rating of the car.

With the re-tuned performance chip for 91 octane pump gas and the pre-muffler, the motor now exhibits a much more power optimal air/fuel ratio, and re-dynos a maximum of 206.3 rwhp at 6200 rpm and 184.0 fb-lbs of torque, as shown in the blue curves. At 6200 rpm, compared to the 182 hp the stock chip makes, that is a 24 rwhp gain (29 hp gain at the engine). Calculating for a 15% transmission loss, the engine with the chip produces approximately 243 HP at the flywheel.

Custom tuning available. Other configurations available upon request, including special modifications such as custom rev limiters, displacement increases, and 100+ octane race fuel. Air/fuel ratio optimization based on the afr readouts of your dyno sheets are also available. For these options, a personal consultation may be necessary with fees for custom programming services ranging from $575 and up. Submit your request on the contact page for further information.


      • DME/ECU upgrades are available for all 911 Carrera 3.2 models 1984-1989

NOTE:  Please check if your 1987 has a 24 pin or 28 pin DME unit - Click here for Details

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