Discover how Yanre Fitness revolutionized Mr. Anson’s fitness equipment distribution business in Malaysia with top-quality, affordable equipment, leading to explosive sales growth and market expansion.

Note: As per our confidentiality agreement with the company, we can not disclose their company name.

Customer Case 01: How Yanre Helped Mr. Anson's Fitness Distributor Company Achieve a 35% Sales Increase 2

Client – Mr. Anson

Founder of a Fitness Equipment Distributor in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Current Problem

Limited market share due to unsatisfactory equipment


Mr. Anson sought a new supplier that could offer top-quality equipment at competitive prices, allowing him to compete with industry leaders and grow his market share.

Meet Mr. Anson

Mr. Anson’s company, based in Kuala Lumpur, struggled to capture market share due to the low-quality equipment they used, leading to low customer satisfaction and repeat purchases. Competitors with superior but more expensive equipment dominated the Malaysian market, limiting Mr. Anson’s growth potential. His existing supplier failed to provide the quality and value he needed to make a difference in the market.

In-Depth Investigation for Demands

Yanre Fitness conducted a thorough investigation into Mr. Anson’s business, analyzing the Malaysian fitness equipment market, customer preferences, and potential growth areas. The team at Yanre Fitness identified key factors that Mr. Anson had not considered, such as equipment customization, after-sales support, and a comprehensive product range to cater to different segments of the market.

The Yanre Fitness team visited Mr. Anson’s facilities and observed the equipment usage patterns of his clients, noting the most popular equipment types and the shortcomings of the existing setup. This comprehensive analysis allowed Yanre Fitness to develop a targeted solution for Mr. Anson’s specific market.

What Did We Do?

Customized Equipment Solutions

Based on the in-depth analysis, Yanre Fitness handpicked a tailored range of strength machines – 82 series, our high end series together with cardio equipment, and functional training equipment, such as treadmills, ellipticals, and free weights, specifically catering to Mr. Anson’s target market and best-selling products in Malaysia.

Competitive Pricing

By optimizing the manufacturing process and leveraging strategic partnerships, Yanre Fitness offered 15% lower prices than competitors, allowing Mr. Anson to effectively compete in the Malaysian market and increase profit margins without compromising on quality.

Continuous Support

Yanre Fitness provided a dedicated account manager, readily available spare parts, and fast response times, ensuring Mr. Anson’s business continued to flourish and maintain strong customer relationships.

Better Products! More Business!

Sales Growth by 35%

Mr. Anson’s company experienced a 35% increase in sales within six months of partnering with Yanre Fitness, leading to a revenue increase of MYR 541,389.

10% Market Expansion

His company gained 10% more market share in Malaysia, competing with industry leaders and reaching new customers throughout the country, particularly in Johor Bahru, Penang, and Ipoh.

Enhanced 20% Customer Satisfaction

High-quality equipment from Yanre Fitness resulted in a 20% increase in repeat purchases and a 15% uptick in customer referrals, solidifying Mr. Anson’s reputation as a leading fitness equipment distributor in the region.

What Does Mr.Anson Say?

“From the moment I partnered with Yanre Fitness, I knew I made the right choice. Their team took the time to understand my business and my customers, and they delivered equipment that exceeded my expectations. The quality is on par with big brands, but the prices are so much more competitive. Since we started working with Yanre Fitness, our sales have increased by 35%, and our customers are genuinely happy with the products we offer. They often tell me how impressed they are with the equipment, and I can’t help but feel proud. Yanre Fitness has made a huge difference for my business, and I couldn’t be more grateful.”

Mr. Anson
Customer Case 01: How Yanre Helped Mr. Anson's Fitness Distributor Company Achieve a 35% Sales Increase 3
Customer Case 01: How Yanre Helped Mr. Anson's Fitness Distributor Company Achieve a 35% Sales Increase 4