Yanre Fitness collaborated with Ammar, an Israeli gym owner, to provide high-quality gym equipment and comprehensive support during the import process. As a result, Ammar’s gym experienced remarkable membership growth.

Customer Case 04: Yanre Fitness Boosts Ammar's Gym Membership by 30% 2

Client – Mr. Ammar

An Israeli gym owner with an 800sqm facility.

Current Problem

Difficulty in sourcing reliable, high-quality fitness equipment for his gym.


A comprehensive range of equipment and support throughout the import process to meet his gym’s quality standards and boost membership.

Meet Mr. Ammar

Ammar faced challenges in finding high-quality products to satisfy his clientele. He considered well-known brands but couldn’t find a comprehensive solution that met his gym’s size and quality standards.

In-Depth Investigation for Demands

We engaged with Ammar to understand his gym’s unique needs, including a diverse range of durable equipment for varied training styles and preferences. As a first-time importer, he required seamless communication, expert advice, and reliable support for a smooth import process and successful equipment implementation.

What Did We Do?

Comprehensive Product Showcase

Provided detailed company introductions, real product images, and raw material information to demonstrate product quality and reliability.

Factory Inspection

Facilitated a factory inspection by one of Ammar’s Israeli contacts in China, further solidifying trust and confidence in the partnership.

Import Guidance

Supported Ammar throughout the import process, addressing his questions and concerns, ensuring a smooth transaction.

Final Result: Exceeding Expectations

Membership growth

After implementing the high-quality gym equipment from Yanre Fitness, Ammar’s gym experienced a remarkable 35% increase in membership within the first six months.

Seamless import process

Yanre Fitness’s comprehensive support reduced the typical import processing time, ensuring a smooth and efficient equipment implementation in Ammar’s gym.

Increased customer satisfaction

With the diverse range of durable equipment from Yanre Fitness, Ammar’s gym saw a great improvement in customer satisfaction ratings, leading to higher member retention and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

What Does Mr.Anson Say?

“As a first-time importer of gym equipment, I was hesitant and unsure. But Yanre Fitness made the entire process seamless and stress-free. Their high-quality equipment exceeded my expectations, and my clients love it! I’m so grateful for their support and can’t wait to continue growing my business with Yanre Fitness as my trusted partner.”

Ammar, Israeli Gym Owner