Olympic Incline Bench


Olympic Incline Bench

Yanre Fitness’ 61A38 Olympic Incline Bench features sturdy, durable workout equipment. This bench can be used in lifting different loads for strengthening and toning your muscles.


Olympic Incline Bench 7

Olympic Weight Bench, Olympic Incline Bench for Commercial Gym

Need a serious piece of weight training equipment to support your bodybuilding progress? Buy the best Olympic incline bench at a wholesale price from Yanre Fitness. Yanre is a top gym bench manufacturer in China and worldwide.

We also have an entire range of premium-quality self-design gym machines and fitness accessories.

Incline Bench Basics

What is an Olympic incline bench? An Olympic incline bench is a sturdy, durable workout bench that supports weight lifting with an Olympic bar. It has footplates for added support, a spotter platform to allow assistance and stop hooks that enable unsupervised exercise. It can be a useful accessory for stable upper body strength training and building.

Functions of Gym Weight Bench

  • Upper Bodybuilding Workouts

Incline bench press exercises with our Olympic workout bench can work the clavicular pecs in your upper chest for the signature bodybuilder’s chest having a shelf-like appearance. The front deltoids and triceps can also be effectively trained with bench press workouts.

  • Lower Back Support

Unlike a flat bench, our gym incline weight bench does not allow you to bridge or arch your lower back. This helps you lift according to your true capability instead of straining your back to lift unreasonably heavier weight.

  • Optimal Spotter Position

The spotting platform on this incline bench is at an appropriate height for spotters to assist immediately in case anything goes wrong while lifting.

Features of the Yanre Incline Weight Bench

If you’re looking for a high-quality Olympic incline bench for sale, Yanre has one with excellent durability and optimal features. Incline dumbbell presses or barbell presses done with the right amount of weight can effectively tone your upper body, such as defining the separation between the upper chest and shoulder muscles.

Our Olympic workout bench is designed to avoid unnecessary stress on your back and shoulders, having an aluminum alloy seat with a high-density foam padding for comfort. Also present is a barbell hanging rod to conveniently place the weight when starting or ending the exercise, or when taking breaks between sets.

Commercial Incline Bench Spec

  • Mainframe adopts 50*120*3.0 flat oval pipe all pipes are Q235 qualified.
  • The seat is made of aluminum alloy arm parallelogram structure, torsion spring adjustment, convenient and safe.
  • High-density foam upholstery, “furniture grade”  PU leather, and integral ABS guard cover.
  • 8mm thick stainless-steel hook plate, 10.8 high strength bolt connection.
  • Equipped with a barbell hanging rod, meet the training needs.

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