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For more than 20 years, Yanre Fitness invested over 8 million USD for technology development.

Battle Rope – Definitive FAQ Guide

Searching for the best quality commercial battle ropes made by highly reputed battle rope manufacturers?

Fortunately, you have arrived at the right place. Here, you will get all the information related to the next battle rope for your gym. 

This is a complete FAQ guide that contains almost every possible question you like to know before importing the best battle ropes for your gym. 

Table of Contents

1. What is battle rope?

A Battle Rope (aka. Battling rope, Heavy rope, or CrossFit rope) is a long bulky rope that is usually used in gyms to build and tone full-body muscles. Furthermore, it is also effective in improving endurance, increasing strength, and weight loss. 

2. What sizes of battle ropes are available?

Battle ropes are available in different sizes, starts from 20 feet and goes up to 100 feet. But the most common sizes are 30 feet, 40 feet, and 50 feet. 

Battle Rope 10

Figure 1: 20ft battle rope (image src: Walmart)

Battle Rope 11

Figure 2: 40ft battle rope (Image src:therosscook)

Battle Rope 12

Figure 3: 100ft battle rope (image src:ebay)

When buying, keep in mind that you will get half of the length actually after anchoring it. For instance, a 30 footer will become 15 feet after tying up. 

3. What length of battle ropes are mostly used in the gym?

50 feet long battle rope is mostly used in the gyms. 

Battle Rope 13

Figure 4: showing 30ft & 50ft battle ropes (image src:elitesrs)

4. What materials are used to manufacture battle ropes?

Battle ropes are usually made from the following materials.

  • Manila
  • Poly Dacron 
  • Nylon

Manila Battle Ropes: Manila battle ropes are made from natural fiber materials, and that’s why they shed over time. These ropes are ideal for outdoor use only. 

Battle Rope 14

Figure 5: closeup of manila battle rope (img src: fringesport)

Poly Dacron Battle Ropes: Poly Dacron, on the other hand, is made from blend of artificial materials. Most often than not, the blend of polyester and polypropylene is used. These battling ropes are more stable, robust, and lighter as compared to manila. That’s why these ropes can be used indoor environments such as gyms easily. 

Battle Rope 15

Figure 6: poly dacron battle rope (image src:globalbodyweighttraining)

However, you can also use them outdoor by following a few safety precautions. 

Nylon Battle Ropes: Nylon covered battle ropes are considered strongest amongst all due to its double layers of braids. 

Battle Rope 16

Figure 7: high quality double braided nylon battle rope (image src:globalbodyweighttraining)

Nylon battle ropes are highly durable and versatile that not only look good but feel good in hand. Furthermore, they also come with water-resistant capabilities. So, you can use them indoor and outdoor without worrying about shedding. 

However, nylon battle ropes are expensive as compared to other ropes. 

5. What is the difference between natural and synthetic battle ropes?

The main difference between natural and synthetic battle rope is material.  Synthetic battle ropes use materials such as polyester, polypropylene, and nylon. On the other side, natural battle ropes are made from natural fibers such as cotton, sisal, and manila hemp fibers.  

6. What type of battle rope is more durable?

Synthetic battle ropes are considered to be the best and more durable than others. These ropes offer better lifting, improved elasticity rating, increased shock absorbency, and 20% better tensile strength than natural fiber battling ropes. 

Battle Rope 17

Figure 8: An example of synthetic battle rope (image src:tworepcave)

Synthetic battle ropes are water-resistant, UV rays resistant, and mildew resistant. And that’s why they are ideal to use in indoor environments. In addition, synthetic battle ropes have a 30% longer life as compared to natural ones. 

7. What is the weight of a commercial battle rope?

The weight of a commercial battle rope varies from material to material. A 50-feet battle rope weight usually starts from 25 pounds and goes up to 50 pounds.

8. What is the thickness of a commercial battle rope?

The most common commercial quality battle rope diameter sizes are:

  1. 1.5’’ 
  2. 2’’
Battle Rope 18

Figure 9:  showing 1.5” and 2” diameter size (image src: elitesrs)

1.5’’ is the ideal thickness you will also find in gyms. The battle ropes of this thickness are easier to grip, and that’s why they are perfect for beginners. 

2’’ thick battle rope is mostly used for hard training or high intensity muscle building exercises. 

9. What are the prominent features of a durable battle rope?

The most prominent features of a best and durable battle rope are:

  • Longevity
  • Durability
  • Flexibility 
  • Adaptability 

10. Can you use battle ropes without an anchor?

Yes, you can attach the battle rope without the anchor. You can attach it with:

  • the handle of a heavy kettlebell
  • the fixed object such as power cage/squat rack/plate rack etc. 
Battle Rope 19

Figure 10: anchoring battle rope with kettlebell (image src:fitsport)

Battle Rope 20

Figure 11: anchoring battle rope with power rack (image src:roguefitness)

Remember: Always try to double-check that you have tied the rope firmly.

11. How much space is needed to anchor a battle rope?

The total space needed to anchor a battle rope will depend on the length of the purchased rope. For instance, if you buy a 50-feet battle rope, the total required space will be at least 25-feet. 

12. How to protect a battle rope from wear and tear in gym?

In order to protect a battle rope from wear and tear, always try to consider these two commercial quality ropes:

1. High quality Poly Dacron battle ropes

2. Nylon Covered battle ropes

Battle Rope 21

Figure 12: nylon covered battle rope (image src:originfitness)

13. Is it possible to get customized battle ropes?

Yes, you can get custom battle ropes. Yanre Fitness lets you customize your battle rope with your own brand logo.  

14. Final Words

We hope this commercial battle rope FAQ guide has answered most of your questions. We tried hard to include all the questions that you are curious to know related to commercial level battle ropes. 

If something is still questionable, you can consult with us.  

And if you are interested to import our best quality battle rope for your gym, then Contact Us to get a quick quote today!